Maa - happy mother's day

May 10, 2020
Maa.....when I was little
Everybody would say that I look just like you
On your leaving for office,
I'd pull out the red saree from your trunk,
Admire myself in it, in the mirror
And conclude
" I look just like you "

Every morning at 5,
You'd wake up and do all the chores
I'd wonder why you scream so much
What's all this work that you try and finish
Sprinting around the house

Now that the realisation has hit like an epiphany
I say under my breath,
" I wish, I'd helped you then"
No Matter how big is the storm,
You flow with serene clamness
Maa you have a lot of patience

Tired after a long day, you'd calm sleep on the sofa
When asked why, you'd say
I get good sleep here
I would laugh at you and marvel

Today when I shrink on the sofa
May be I understand now,
May be this is why me and you are alike

No words are enough to thank you
But a  small effort to show may gratitude
Love and affection towards you
A very happy mother's day maa❤️
Love you ❤️

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