The pink city- Jaipur

June 05, 2020
As we all know that India is very much famous for historical spots,one of them is Jaipur.

So I recently decided to go and search out the places for which it’s famous. My first stop was “city palace” to be honest it was like amazing everything there was like so real and aesthetic😍it was like the real designs and Indian designs which were carved. Then I shopped some silver jewellery from there which was like a heaven✨I went to an art college next because I was very keen to know some tricks and Indian paintings,as I want to go in that field so ya. Third and the last was “Hawa mahal” and that was the most beautiful.

I am very happy that I gave myself a time to go and check out some cool stuff which is like literally Indian stuff and main thing was that all of it was handwork.


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