I Started Travelling for Relaxing

June 05, 2020
Being a girl from an Indian family, travelling to strike off the bucket list becomes a little difficult. You are constantly stuffed with lots and lots of instructions, tips, warnings & tricks as if tormented a little after the parental concerns. When I completed my graduation, I was already in my twenties and had travelled only Parali, vaijanath, Akkalkot, Tuljapur, Shirdi, Jejuri and Shani-shinganapur; may be some more Godlands but anywhere out of Maharashtra in India. Yes, I practically had been never out. Wandering or Exploring a place. Thus it was always in my agenda to travel some places at least popular in India to start my travel list with, I can always explore the hidden gems once I start off.

So the first place I went to was Goa! Exploring the North Goa a little with my girl friends, I was satisfied to tick it off my list. Latter I planned a trip to Mumbai to attend an Art festival. After exploring a little there, I was confident enough to plan a big trip now. After waiting for almost 2 years, I planned and did a trip to Ladakh. It was a road-trip full of new experiences and meeting bunch of new sweethearts who still keep in touch to share their little of joys and downfalls with me. I had never imagined a trip to be successful without keeping in touch with my parents over phone calls every day, but it was the first of the kind as well. The high rose lands and mountains, so much of fresh air and blue skies like never had I ever seen before. I instantly fell in love with Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh both.

After almost a year, I could revisit Himachal Pradesh with some more time in my hand and truly that time was lived for each minute I could spend in the land there. Having a corporate job makes you follow a routine no matter how much you disapprove of doing so. My travelgram started with a simple wish to travel and so it makes me more connected to the place I visit. It gives me a vibe to do it more often.

I can say that few blocks of my memory are reserved forever with these beautiful places in North India. I started travelling with the idea of escapism from following a routine and I have found my relaxation with the excuse of travelling to a new place.
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