Those green mountains πŸ’š

December 07, 2019

humans of himachal

We still cherish those days in the mountains.
We still feel the sun kisses to our face.
We still remember the warm of this place.
We still remember how to be get free from all the problems we do have.
We learned how we can get old with the happiness around us.

Mountains always reminds me of you. Where i am happy, enjoying the best of me, laugh from the heart, and enjoy every moment of that time. It's okay if we are not perfect, it's okay if in the end might be we do have different paths. This is what traveling teach us " After the most beautiful days there comes a day we need to say goodbye" this is how we reach to our next destination. We'll find the best of our life. We'll find each other again in those green mountains.
"Lost & Loved" .

We'll learn again from the mountains.

Written by: Shivani Rana (@shivanirana_07)
©2019 Humans of Himachal

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