My experiments with Freedom

Humans of Himachal

Peace is found in mountains, that's what I kept hearing all the time while growing up.
So, reaching mountains was my first purpose whenever I dreamt about traveling.
I remember, three years back when I went to kheerganga and saw my first mountain, It felt enthralling.
I wanted freedom!
I felt like staying there. I felt like home, the feeling of belongingness.
But, I hadn't played with oceans yet, I hadn't yet jumped from cliff without knowing swimming. I hadn't yet laughed with strangers, I didn't not have felt the vibe of sunset with my feet dipped in river!
When I did, it felt the similar thrill. The thrill which I felt with mountains.
All of these felt like home!
In those moments I realised, sometimes freedom isn't an outcome rather it's a process of exploration.
Freedom should also be felt with detachment.
When you love something but do not want to own it, that's what freedom is.
Freedom from wants!
Because, your could be anywhere and it does not have to be one!
Whether you are at mountains or with seas,
Free yourself just like either of these!🖤

Written by: Nicky (@woman_who_wanderz)
©2019 Humans of Himachal

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