Hey Buddy!!

December 18, 2019

I still remember the very first time i saw you buddy.

Those big brown eyes, Fluffy hair, tiny paw 🐶🐾

As you were looking at me with a thought
" who are you stranger"??
I was nervous for the first time but then i took you in my arms and hugged you for a very long time and that feeling was "Warm, peace"🤗

As a dog lover i do believe that dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you can ever love yourself. What i feel a dog has a strength is that when a dog looks at you, he is not thinking what kind of a person you are but no matter how you're feeling that lover gonna Love you from his heart and this relationship stays Always & Forever 💙

So when was the last time you look at your dog and realize that this is my best friend I was looking for in my whole life?


Written by: Shivani Rana (@shivanirana_07)
©2019 Humans of Himachal

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