Body Shaming

No, do not sit like that,
Talk like this,
Wear this, not that,
Always smile,

Yes! I was told, I was fat
I was fat shamed for my body.
Called with different names all the time.
I learnt to hate myself.
They made me feel like being curvy was a crime.
So, I started working on getting thinner.

There was a time, when I was ashamed of being fat.
Couldn't they just let me live my life in peace?
They crushed the little confidence I had.

Again in their stupid circle of high expectations
"Physical beauty is true beauty" I was trapped
I worked on getting slim everyday.
Crying myself to sleep when nothing worked.
And so they taught me to hate my body time to time.
And I know I did & I am sorry

They said my acne was ****
And it need to be hidden
Go anywhere without makeup,
Or not dressing girly enough was forbidden.

But one day I decided,
I don't care.
So what if,
'I didn't have what they called the "perfect figure" or nicest hair's
I loved myself, and that was it.
They still say things all the time
But I have grown to listen to just one voice
That is "MINE".

Author:  Aayushi Sharma

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