Doesn't the mountain make you happy?

It was my first time seeing the great himalayas, can't lie, it's never gonna be enough seeing these. Being a person who likes to be in my room, getting out of my comfort zone was not that easy. Have to tell that travelling makes you get out of your comfort zone for sure. Travelling with people who you don't know, getting to know new people, trying to talk in a language that you're very bad at, fighting my biggest enemy(walking), it was a great experience.

Getting this shot was very difficult for me because I had to almost stand on the edge of the cliff, didn't even try to look down as I'm that afraid of heights. This was the first picture that I clicked during the trip and climbing and falling down after this made me realise it's not that easy to get a good picture without struggle. Even when people used to say clicking pictures are not that hard, partially in my mind also it was like that because I never struggled that hard to click pictures, but this time it was very different and now I understand.

This would have never been possible without @hegdearun leading the way all along. Never got to thank him enough for this beautiful trip. Thank you so much Arun chetta.

Written by: Thomas Babu (@thomsbabu)
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