One day he'll fall in love


Sometimes it scares me,
the way you love me without any conditions,
without any boundaries,
 it scares me because I know,
 I am not that a loveable person.
And I know it's really hard to be with me
In all those mood swings.
But I am sure one day you will learn all my secrets inside out.

I know you won't like the way,
 I look in the morning or sometimes when I am tired,
And don't want to talk.
I fear that then you will think,
You have wasted your time on me.
I fear you might think,
I don't love you any more.
And that's the reason I fear to let you come closer to me.

You know a lot of people search for years to ' find the one ' and many Never do.
The fact that made you wonder what you did to deserve this.
You don't know but I am glad it happened.
Truth is you can't really know what a soulmate connection is unless you have felt it.
It's not something easy to describe.
But once you feel it, you will know what I mean.
It's a feeling unlike any other.

I know I am still imperfect.
I am still not in love with myself,
And I still don't know how to be in love with anybody else.
But I am still hopeful that I'll learn it someday.
And I believe I will need you to be around,
So I guess what I want to say is,

Author:  Aayushi Sharma


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