A Message for the Soul

They say when you look into nature you understand things better. Walking into these woods, the majestic trees have a message for you- to stand tall and proud no matter where you go. To bring joy and beauty to whatever you touch. To never forget your roots and where you come from. To stand the test of time only to emerge stronger and better.

The winds, gently and quietly touching your soul, sweep away everything that has blinded you from seeing what is best for you. You have settled for less than you deserved, but now the picture is clear.

The skies have opened up, you have watched the sun rise after a rainy day and create magic. The raindrops that splashed down on the leaves are making them shine brighter than a diamond.

You have taken that leap, opened doors that you were too afraid to push. You are on the right path. You are fine, in fact shining brighter than before. You, my dear, are raw, beautiful and unexplored just like this forest. You are magic.

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