Never let the child in you die

Never let the child in you die.

World will throw a million things at you.

Life will challenge you at several stages.

People you love will leave you and you will be fine.

In between all of this chaos, it's very easy to lose sight of yourself.

It's easy to forget who you are, who you were, who you want to be.

There will come a million challenges in life that will test your strength, your weaknesses.

There will be many days when your soul will be crushed by the burdens of the adult life.

Responsibilities will tie you down, work will keep you busy to the point that you might not have the time or space to be your irresponsible, carefree self.

Amidts all the growing up, it too easy to lose your Self, even easier to lose the irresponsible, carefree, childish side of you.

Just remember that the real you, the spirit that inhabits you, the soul that hides below the flesh and blood still wants the same things as it did all those years ago.

The child that is in you, the child that you once were, still wants the simple pleasures of life; it wants to run in a mustard field, roll around in a green meadow, blow soap bubbles, eat the sweetest chocolates and more than anything it wants to be loved, unconditionally.

Never let that that child in you die for that is who you really are beneath all the layers of adulthood and responsibilities.

Never forget.

You are beautiful.

You are perfect.

You are special.

Always were.

Always will be.

Written by: Sheena Thakur aka thebluesheeptirthan

Picture Credits: @oftrailsandtales

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