Himalayan Spring

This spring my friend and I decided to take a trip down to picturesque hamlet in Himachal Pradesh named Dhar . It is a small village located in Jubbal Tehsil of Shimla district in Himachal and is situated 90 Km away from the district headquarter Jubbal .

It was one of those beautiful days of April when the sky was shinning bright , there was a rainbow of colours all around as the nature was coming out of its hibernation mode ,a feeling of rejuvenation was all around , the spirit of love was everywhere and it seemed each herb on earth dark breast rose from the wintry rest .

We set off early in the morning from Shimla enjoying the picturesque views on the way , stopping by roadside dhabas on the way to have lip smacking pakoras and ginger tea, for sure we wanted to enjoy every bit of it .

As we approached the Hamlet , all I could see was vast tracks of land with trees covered with white apple blossoms with the backdrop of the snow covered peaks of Chanshal . The air was suffused with the fragrance of these flowers and and I felt drugged with their hypnotic essence such a getaway to this hamlet made all my senses relax and I was absolutely lost in this fairyland.

I stayed over for the night at my friend’s place and experienced a great bonhomie with the members of the family . They made my stay so comfortable that I felt so much at home . In Himachal guests are almost treated like gods , a fact which is true in word and deed .

I also got to taste the local cuisine of the place and mind you each portion of food in the hills comes with dollops of ghee , love and affection . The taste of the food still lingers in my mouth .

The next day we headed off to visit a local temple nearby where Asthami celebrations were happening with great gusto and fervour . The village folk seemed to have a gala time as this was the perfect time to meet family and friends and yes to pay obeisance to the local deities.

This land truly seems to blessed with natural beauty , abundance of the bounties of nature and yes people who welcome you with their golden hearts .

Unforgettable Himachal.... is the only that comes to my mind when I think of the time that I spend in Himachal

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