How I wish to bottle the feel of Spring and call it the- Scent of spring

April 28, 2019
I get excited about the change of seasons and change of winds. Every season servers a purpose in life and nature has a way of reminding you how we also need to move with the rhythm of it .

After a long time this spring I happen to be in the most scenic Himalayan town of India, Shimla .The Himalayan spring out here has its own magic.The native flower of state rhododendron paints the hill slides with beautiful shades of crimson .The Himalayan Oak starts looking more greener .

You can almost hear the Himalayan mountains whispering the spirit of renewal and change in your ears. The gentle breeze that blows is the harbinger of new beginnings and hope . The nature around you becomes your Alchemist . There is a burst of color everywhere. A perfect visual delight to come across scenic views ,bees hovering around and butterflies doing their sprightly dance. Dew pearled hill sides, migratory birds on their flights from distant land and clear azure shinny skies.

Words cannot capture what the eyes can tell but to experience this divine romance with nature you need to be aware of it , conscious of it and most importantly you need to feel it .
How often when this season is about to bid adieu, I feel a sense of wanting more of it and this longing never ceases to go . This feeling leaves me with an urge to bottle this experience forever .......

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