Experience the spring in the tulip gardens of Shimla

A riot of rainbow colours of tulips will greet you the moment you enter the Craignano Nature park at Mashobra in Shimla . Craignano is at an altitude of 7,700 Ft above sea level and is at a distance of of 16.3 Km from Shimla.

Let me share with you an interesting story of Craignano . This place was famous for a Italian villa which was built by a very famous photographer – Chevalier Federico Peliti , who named it in the memory of his hometown , Craignano and so goes the story behind the christening of this beautiful place . The place is full of pines , oaks and seasonal flowers , indeed a natures haven .

The undulating landscape of the nature park comes alive withthese dainty tulips dancing to the breeze .As we tip toed into the garden it felt as if we were in a fairyland .

Not only tulips but there were other beauties too which were blooming to full glory . It is so true – the earth

laughs in spring.

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The best time to experience this delight and bliss in the month of April and May . So hurry to get glimpse of this wonderland and experience the tulip haven .

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