Himalayan Granny

Do you know what our granny from himachal is doing ?

Well she is spinning yarn from cotton. That’s the manual method of spinning yarn.

People of Himachal Pradesh are hard working and talented, and this reflects in their art and craft. The arts and craft of any region is a reflection of its environment, people and traditions and so is in the state of Himachal Pradesh. In the hilly regions of the state, there takes place non stop activity of making several handicrafts. The extreme cold climate of the district necessitates wool weaving. Almost every household in the district owns the spinning machine and knows the technique to make yarns. Wool that is obtained is from the sheeps bred by them.

There is a vast variety of beautiful handloom products that are made.

Have you heard of the famous shawls, Loi, chaadars, borders, Himachali caps, Patton, mufflers,Pari, Thobi, Numda, made here?

Yes these are products that are famous around the globe, manufactured by the hands of our pretty grannies from himachal.

Do you know?

•Tweeds, stripes and checks are common designs woven on the fabric of shirts and suits.

•Chamba scarves have a unique do-rookha embroidery called Chamba rumal embroidery.

•Traditional pattu attire worn by women have a beautiful red border known as kushti.

•Thapada is an elaborately embroidered shawl that is larger than the normal shawls.

•Himachali caps are known for their uniqueness and style

So this aunty I met in rumsu village during my visit to the state told me that this is an indispensable part of her lifestyle. It’s there means of earning their livelihood and meet their basic needs. I don’t think they enjoy much facilities of the metropolitan cities that we do, but do you see the content, comfort and happiness on her face sitting at roof of her house making yarn and enjoying the scenic beauty of Himachal.

Personally I feel whenever you visit Himachal Pradesh, do not be surprised by the hospitality of the natives. They have an untouched beauty that can be found in their lifestyle. They are simple, honest, firmly rooted in the basics of their past, friendly, with quite some touch of modernisation.

Well granny was so curious to see her photo once it was clicked that I absolutely forgot to ask her name (hahaha).

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