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While I was busy working on a dental article, my phone buzzed and as I answered my friends call, we started chatting on various topics where-in in between; the topic of vacation came in. While considering all the options we decided to do something different this time rather than a simple tour and so decided on trekking, an experience all new to us. After figuring out all the details regarding trek and with lot of survey we finalized for a trek to Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake.


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Keeping in mind the traveling time and cost, we booked our flight for Delhi, followed by an overnight luxurious bus travel to Manali. We got down at Patlikuhal (a place between Kullu and Manali) and took a taxi to Rumsu village (our base camp site).

After relaxing for some time and meeting our fellow trekkers we were taken for a trail of about 2 hrs and later followed by an orientation about the do’s and don’ts during the trek.

Then comes the day when our exhilarating trekking expedition begin.

Day 1

Manali to Chika

Duration: 2 – 3 hrs

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We mounted on our rucksacks and started with a sumo ride to Jobra (3hrs ride). The felling was yet to sync in. Dismounting from the vehicle we spent some time at Jobra relishing on some hot piping Maggie and later started with our trek to Chika. Trek starts at 9800 ft and the trail leads to a concrete bridge, crossing the lush pine forest and patches of maple, oak, walnut, Alder trees, along with crossing Rani Nala River. Moving ahead we unveiled the 1st view of Deo Tibba & Indrasan mountain trailing ahead to reach our camp site at Chika.

Day 2

Balu Ka Ghera
Chika to Balu Ka Ghera

Duration: 5-6 hours

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The day started with a cup of tea looking at the sun rising above the mountains. After a Fall- in call at 7am we started our trek for the day. It started with a small walk leading to a beautiful wooden bridge build by the local shephards. Keeping to the left of the river bank our trail went through rocks and boulders giving us the magnificient view of the snow clawed peaks of Dhaluadhar range. Moving further our trail headed to Rani Nala, walking ahead a path full of boulders and rocks. Completing ½ ways, we reached a valley in Jawra and had our packed lunch there. After continuing our journey further we reached our destination for the day, a place famous for brown bears (Balu ka Ghera). Soon as we reached our camp site we experienced some drizzling and later an amazing snow fall.

Day 3

Shea Goru
Balu ka Ghera- cross Hampta Pass- Shea Goru

Duration: 11-12 hours

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The 1st half of this days trail was filled with challenges. There were middling steep to climb, upslope towards the mountain, giving us the spectacular view of snow all around us. We had to climb around 6-7 inclinations to reach at the top of Hampta Pass, 14000ft above sea level. After restoring our energy and having lunch we started our decent to Shea Goru. The descent was a zigzag trail with slippery soil and stones, taking us 3hrs to get down and later a walk for 1 hrs to reach Shea Goru camp site. The day when we all were literally dead tired but the feeling of successfully completing the trek was fabulous.

Day 4

Shea Goru- Chatru

[caption id="attachment_977" align="alignnone" width="640"]chandrataal lake Beautiful Chandrataal Lake[/caption]

This was the easiest trail in the whole trek (woohoo, finally after the strenuous exertion), having a gradual descent. The three hrs long trail leads to a high altitude river that flows along the Manali-Kaza highway and Chandra river. The view on reaching river is magnificent with snow clad peak on one side and Barren Mountain on the other. After having our lunch at Chatru we ridded our way to Chandra taal lake. It was one bumpy ride to reach there. Only SUV’S and jeeps can thrive on those roads (or shall I say off-roads). But however bumpy the ride was, it was not one bit painful as in the end it offered the most breathtaking views around every corner of the Lake. It solicited my mind with its abundant beauty of nature. After spending some time at the moon lake (aka Chandra Taal lake- Named because of its Crescent shape) we headed back to Chatru camp site. On our way back we got mesmerized by the view of a magnificent Rainbow, the seven colors not only filled the sky, but filled our heart with Colours and Joy.

Day 5

Way back to Manali

[caption id="attachment_973" align="alignnone" width="640"]Hampta to Manali Way Back to Manali[/caption]


We departed our ways to Manali saying good bye to our new friends and tour guides. On our way back we dropped by at Rohtang Pass and later continued forward.

Our trek was over, but we took back a lot of life long memories, experiences, and new friends. I truly feel once you climb the mountains you always want to go back, so do I.

Experiencing the whole trek I realized that somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery. But yes the way up to the mountain is always longer, what seems so near is still far. Don’t be disheartened as your journey up there will always be better than your destination and I guarantee you these.


So next time when the mountains are calling, I will be there.

Well that’s an end to the first part of my trip. A challenging and amazing experience of trekking was followed by a tour exploring the beauty of Manali, Kullu and Shimla, more on it later, till then stay connected for new updates.

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