Life In Mountains of Himachal

I was proud of me for being strong, independent and persistent till i met women in mountains aka Humans of Himachal .
Being a woman is hard — there’s so much for us to do. We have stereotypes to break, jobs to excel at, families to care for, lives to lead, friends to hang out with and the world to run.But Women in mountains, especially the rural women, are a stronger lot because they grow up fighting challenges that are unique to mountainous terrain.

It is a daily chore for women in the rural mountain regions to bring fodder for cattle, reared for fresh milk. They tie their babies on their back and work. Daily they walk at-least 3-4 km up the grasslands, steep gorges and climb the mountains to bring fodder for the cattle. Apart from this they do their household work and look after their families.

Humans of Himachal

You and me can’t imagine also, the efforts they put to get their daily work done. Women in lower areas of Himachal prefer to carry the fodder load on heads while women in higher areas carry it on backs. When i was trekking, walking for an hour made me feel uneasy and breathless. And i really don’t know where these beautiful women get their stamina to do all these work there.

Inspite of these hectic jobs they always wear beautiful smile on their face and twinkle in their eyes. And their flawless skins will take your breath away.

It taught me that Strong women aren’t simply born. They are forged through the challenges of life. With each challenge women grown mentally and emotionally. They move forward with their head held high and a strength cannot be denied. A women who’s been through storm and survived. They are warriors.


Author: Meet Maheshwari (@icrazy_traveldiaries)


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