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I M AT CHACHA CHACHI DHABA! And lady with me is called Chachi.
This dhaba is in Battal,Spiti Valley.

Chacha Chachi are famous and brave couple, who stay in Batal. Along with other locals they had saved many lives during the adverse weather conditions in year 2010. The snowfall continued for around 5 days and many tourists got stuck. Chacha Chachi was the ray of hope for all the tragedy struck visitors who took care of those people and gave them shelter and food. So they are real heroes.

[caption id="attachment_1077" align="alignnone" width="640"]Humans of Himachal Meeta with Chachi at CHANDRA DHABA[/caption]

This ever-loved couple fondly called as Chacha-chachi has been running Chandra Dhaba for last 44 years at one of the most difficult terrains in the world in most hostile conditions, weather and poor connectivity.Every year they run the dhaba at Battal when the Spiti route is clear and open for tourists.They serve yummy rice and rajma, Maggie, omelette, tea and other snacks…menu is short but enough to satisfy your hunger…But getting hot rajma rice that too for just Rs. 80 in that cold is nothing less than eating biryani in Taj! And really hatsoff to them.

While writing this post I m thinking that I forgot to ask chachi’s name.Please somebody let me know in the comments.

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