Meet Kavita Ji From Himachal Pradesh


On 2nd day of trek While travelling from Rumsu to Hampta Pass dam in taxi with my group ….I met this super cool human…as our journey started my inner curiosity to know her poped up and we started to interact.

When i asked her “how they manage to travel so high in mountains and how they live”..She said in winters, when there is too cold, they migrate to Rumsu Village and in summer holidays they come to stay
uphills.She was amazed to know that me and my friends were travelling alone all the way from Mumbai..

She said she never been to outside himachal, and immediately one thought stoke my mind that I have so much anxiety about not being able to travel the world and here these humans are so simple…no expectations from life, managing their life between summers and winters and we metropolitan are not satisfied with Audi and Mercedes also.

When she was getting down she Invited us for tea at her place( Ghar aayi na chai pinne) and her this gesture made my day…I was happy to meet her and she occupied the little place in my heart.
I hope she and her family will be fine and doing well.

While writing this post I m thinking about her and her smile.

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