The last trip of 2019....!

January 20, 2020
Four girls one car, lots of thrill and excitement and undoubtedly small tiffs and tensions between girls.
Before we started we  had pretty much made a tough roadmap of what are we gonna do for 4 days. We started from Delhi on Friday night 11 pm. We tried to break the ice with out driver uncle only to find that he is a cranky old man who only enjoys GUTKA 24*7 and nothing else. Tiffs are bound to happen in any group whether its all boys or all girls.
So we were no exception.


Day 1 


We stayed at a home stay in Reckong Peo ( a small family of four members , uncle, aunty , dadi and their son who studies in class 10) maa bhagwati home stay near hospital. Reckong peo is a small town where u can find small cafes , rest houses and hospital in case if u require.


Day 2 




Started for kalpa early morning to encounter sunrise. As per driver uncle was really scared of the snowy road ,he decjded to stay at kalpa amd we 4 started for suicide point roghi which was 2.2 km. As we strolled more than half of the way down to suicide point, i realised that we don't have the purse with us. Everybody skipped a heartbeat there as there were 3 wallets in the purse and each had a hefty amount of money. Raman and Vishakha took a U turn and scurried like a terrified rabbit runs for life. We two took lift and reached the point where we left our purse.
Luckily we found it and boom everyone was happy again ..
The same day we left for Sangla chitkul. As we had not pre booked any hotel or home stay so it was completely unplanned.
We reached sangla at 6 pm and after scourging the snowy dusty streets of sangla for 2 hours we found hotel madhu.
GOT two rooms for 1000 each.


Day 3




Got up at 7 and asked Vishakha Tthakur if she wants to comes along for a morning walk.Eventually all the 4 girls got ready for the walk and we took tea in thermos to drink the first sip on the bank of Baspa river.
Loss - thermos lost. 
Started for Chitkul at 12 and the way to Chitkul is way to heaven, reached Chitkul by 2:30.


Day 4



Took a early morning walk to ITBP post as driver clearly said no to drive on the snowy road.we were more than happy to walk on the white carpet.
Had a small talk with ITBP guys and to my surprise the china border is still approximately 100 kms from that checkpost. After chitkul there is a motorable road till DUMTI. The civilians are only allowed to go beyond the checkpost on Janamashtami as there is a temple and local villagers offer prayers and seek blessings from demi gods.

Now two of us were of the opinion to spend 31 Dec night in Chitkul but other two were not although no one voiced their opinions loudly to escape the flak.
But after driver uncle's declaration, we decided to move down to Sangla. Packed our bags.


Finally the car started at 2 and we bid adieu to CHITKUL and ZOSTEL and left for Sangla.
 Bas fir kya new year party -9 degree me and boom 2020 was there on the morning of January 1.

Day 5 

Chalo Delhi. Visha lost 7k and we got to know this at a parking lot in Shimla. This almost killed all the good vibes but in the end smiles conquered our guilt ridden faces.

Now. I' m perched on my cozy bed with loud music playing on street , writing this post and missing mountains.

Written by: Vrinda Rana (@wander.vandy)
©2020 Humans of Himachal


  1. So happy to hear out your experience. I hope I will get to enjoy such a journey one day.

  2. What a beautiful experience.. I am sure you guys would cherish its memories for a long time..


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