Hilling and Healing Under the star studded sky !

January 21, 2020

She laid her head stargazing the abundant star studded sky.
The bonfire lit on the other side kept her warm.She was travelling solo for the first time to discover peace and unwrap her confidence that the city life had shattered.

Disconnected to find a connection with herself in the arms of mother nature.
As she went deep into her thoughts her emotions were as high as the peak of mountains , tears flowed at the pace of the river, anger rose as bright as the sun and fear gathered around as the darkness.

She had taken all sorts of panics that she didn’t deserve, had let people take over her ,  feeling of guilt floated over and tired she laid there to wind up all the mess .

She held her self tight and let all her feelings drown down this night.Taking deep breaths and trying to understand what life has to bring up next she consoled her self after all she was here away from her home to do that.

For the city noise didn’t bother her today her heartbeats did.She heard herself after a long time today and was at peace as she could hear herself.

The eyes that had dried poured tears of existence today.She felt her pain flowing down.

Wishing if the world could let her be what she wants to be and let her live the way she wants to.She decided to love her self more and more.

The cold breeze hit her face but her heart kept her warm today.

She spoke her heart out to herself and promised herself that she will be her own hero and will not give up on things she admires.

As the moon moved across the sky and towards the dawn
a transformation took place overnight.
   She woke up different this morning. She met herself after years and to welcome her back the birds sang her a song , flowers bloomed merrily and the Sun said it’s alright now !

With the sun her spirit gleamed and she was all new.
She made calls to all her friends she had avoided for years and smiled at strangers.

She was no longer a part of any rat race and cherished each day as it came .

Hills can heal your soul.
Connect you to you.
Hear the unheard.
Hills can heal.

Every vacation she packs her emotions and disconnects to find a connection with herself.

Written by: Deeksha Kukreja (@deeks2122)
©2020 Humans of Himachal

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