My Geranium momy - Ode to my mom

November 01, 2019
My house in Shimla has always been full of seasonal plants which have enhanced different corners of the house  but there is one flower which is omnipresent throughout the year . It is indeed my mothers favourite flower geranium .
With the early morning sunlight that tickles them and the dew drops that awaken them , it is for sure a delight  to see them every morning . Blooming in shades of lavender, pink , magenta , fuchsia  , they are the first to greet you every morning .
They happen to be the most selfless creatures of the house  blooming in profusion of their best colours  just to give happiness to others . So is my mother the most selfless person of the house.
Whenever you are low in spirits they can brighten your day and so can she lift you from the most sullen moods of ur life.
Just like the varied shades of geraniums are there so are the shades of my mother , each varied , beautiful and enigmatic
She definitely wears the personality of her favourite flower.... forever vibrant , forever glowing and radiating love and happiness .
Momy you are the  perfumed existence of my life and the most enchanting fragrance in the garden of my life .

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