Sunset - Reset

Sunset at Mashobra, Shimla || Photography : Priya Kaundal

The sun was setting and so was her anxiety.She was calm and more at peace after all the chaos  that happend that day.

She realised that things go simmer by the end and sunsets can be enlightening too.

The birds returning to their nests, happily fluttered, singing songs and  took over the sky.She was delighted that endings can be musical too.

The tired farmer walked down and looked back at his feilds. She learnt that sunsets can bring hopes, for the new mornings too.

The mountains met the sun absorbing, the warmth and she felt peace in the basking sunsets.

She watched the sunset from the beginning towards the end and realised that inner peace unfolds light and darkness.

She saw rays spreading out from the horizon adding different tint tones and shades in the exuberant sky. She discovered that sunsets can be colourful too.

The mesmerising sound of the river that flowed next to her calmed her soul and she observed that with the setting sun not everything settles and one must keep flowing.

Written by: Deeksha Kukreja (@deeks2122)
©2019 Humans of Himachal

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