Love affair with quaint Himalayan cafes

I have a strange love for exploring cafes in different parts of the country and beyond . Whenever I plan my trips , I travel with a list of must visit cafes on my itinerary.I feel behind the cozy and much inviting decor of the cafes there lies a story untold .There is a story behind the old creaking wooden planks , the aroma of cheese and freshly grounded coffee, the thought that behind creating the quaint decor of the cafe , the lighting, the music which lifts the soul ,the warm vibe and the ambience that invites people to spend hours soothing and relaxing themselves with the gastronomical delights .

I came across such a cafe during my recent visit to Manali . It is called IL Forno, near Hadimba temple road .The cafe is situated in the midst of the forest and the architecture has been inspired by the traditional alpine design of Himachali houses .

The Himalayan views compliment the Italian inspired cooking and the pizzeria is a must for all the pizza lovers who are on a look out for some authentic wood fired pizza .

The perfect place to soak in the beauty of the Himalayan mountains, sip freshly brewed coffee and yes of course the the yummiest pizzas

Pizza is on our mind
IL Forno Cafe, Manali

Hot ginger lemon tea and a Ruskin Bond book is all you need

My awesome friends

Written by: Maheema Dutt (@maheemadutt)
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