A Man Who Always Smiles


And there he is sitting alone
closing his eyes, taking a deep breath,
recalling so many memories with his not so perfect smile.

Smiling because no matter his eyes are open or close she will always stays in his memories.

He is feeling the thrill in his heart,
goosebumps on his skin
as he'd imagine all the memories that he have of her.

He's smiling because he become a better man for her,
Smiling because he wanted to see  that forever smile on her.

Sitting on top of that Hill,
he finally meet himself quietly,
And as he open his eyes & look back
he is smiling to know how far he came.

He's waiting for his love with his imperfect smile because he knows that
"She is not his past or present, She'll be his future someday"!! .

A Man Who Always Smiles ♥️

(And then there are some pictures who makes you to write it down✍️)

In frame Tamesh Kumar

Written by: Shivani Rana (@shivanirana_07)
©2019 Humans of Himachal


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