Experiencing the timelessness in Himalayas

She is an art, maybe not that attractive but yes definitely deep, Maybe an art of amazing silhouette, amazing grace. Sometimes she is incomprehensible, But she feels that’s completely okay! Sometimes.

Sometimes, like a raging fire, sometimes, playing in wild snow, Sometimes, ready to cuddle in arms Sometimes, choosing to stay alone, Chasing sunsets and staring stars, It fills her soul with thrill. By discovering herself more, Sounds intriguing? Or maybe selectively isolated? Maybe, sometimes isolation is the real challenge. Don’t you think so? . . My dad always use to teach me since I was in std 9th, that being isolated or loneliness is the best teacher. Papa, I feel you. 1.5 years back, my dad came to Delhi.

And it was no doubt good quality time, just like father- daughter date! I miss those days. But, he said that again “Beta, loneliness is the best teacher but it shouldn’t last long because it’s dangerous too”. I just want to say, Papa you were right. Thank you for standing still with me even we are

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