Didi, i don’t like to study - Maaya

“Didi, i don’t like to study.” So i was walking in the famous chougan ground of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh and i bumped into this girl named Maaya. I don’t know her age but i guess she was 8 yrs old. I was wandering in the crowd having no clue of this life. Sometimes its very gruelling to know the impetus of your life. You are constantly tearing apart and it’s very tedious to make this coherent. Anyhow, lets get back to this story.

The girl came to me and requested to allow her to do that mehandi on my hands. I asked her name to which she replied that she is Maaya.What a beautiful name! I started talking to her. I asked her why she is here and not attending her school. Maaya said that she just hated school and her behaviour was totally reluctant towards education. She said her two brothers attend school. I was shocked to hear that in such a tender age she is happy to earn 100 – 150 rupees a day rather than going to school. I convinced her that going to school is much easier than toiling in this scorching heat. I said, “Look around yourself and see how people are sitting, relaxing and enjoying themselves .”

Her innocent eyes tried to find the reason as to why i asked her to do that. “Maaya, they are enjoying because they studied and it made their life easier. They studied so that they can earn”, you are also earning but the difference lies in front of your eyes. You are not getting an education as they did. You will be deprived of this repose in your coming life.” I tempted her that if she will go to school she will get education but also they will even provide her free meals, books, uniform plus she will get the chance to play with children of her own age. She said “didi , i dont like to study.” I replied, “Even i also didn’t like that much”, hahaa and i guess nobody does in that age. I seriously wanted her to get on her nerves. Finally she was convinced that she will also go to the school and will study.

Her hands are meant to be dipped in the colours of ink pen not that of mehandi’s ink. Her hands are meant to write let her write. May be she will become a painter or a writer in future. She only needs wings of education. God bless these flowers!!!!

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