Travel is my THERAPY

December 13, 2018
The way our generation is growing where everyone is just confused where to go and what to do next.
As a every youngster I am Ananya Gupta who is like a jhalli and a Bollywood type of girl. I was not at all a traveller type of a girl but when I saw “Zindagi na millegi dobara” and my favourite “Yeh jawani hai deewani” everything just changed⛱Now I love traveling way too much like whenever I just get time or holidays for 2-3 days I just try to explore my delhi cafes or just pack up my bags and leave for a small trip like Nainital,Missouri,Dharamshala and etc.
Recently I visited Kerela which was like heaven for me,when I landed there I was so dumbstruck to see the beauty and and the amazing trees🌴I went to Munnar,kumarkom,etc. I didn’t had the time to explore the local streets as the trip was already planned so ya.
What I want to say to all the upcoming generations is that you don’t need a passport to travel or you’ll get fame if you travel abroad,just pack up your bags and leave to see the beauty of our India🌸stop using social media’s and your electronic gadgets as you never know kal hou na hou, so live your life to the fullest and enjoy traveling because the people in your life will come and go but the memories you made while traveling will remain with you forever🌺
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