If you never go,you will never know

December 13, 2018
Hey I am Priya who is a seeks to explore the new places. For me traveling is not to capture the my moments it is to enjoy the moment fully.

Recently I visited a place called “Indian institute of advanced studies” in Shimla. When I went there I was so overwhelmed to see the beauty of it. The greenery and the colourful flowers on it just gave me so goosebumps and good vibes. I sat there for like 1hour and just gave myself a time to think and to do more stuff,and to be honest I found myself as the people are running after their friends and all but I was there standing all alone and thought why to run after people when I have so much to travel and interact with new people around.

I would suggest all the people who are reading this to go there and have a small picnic to see the beauty of it🌸


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