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Today is the last day of my summer vacation . Can say this will be my last summer vacations . Life will change . Next year this time .

I'll be starting an internship and after that thesis and then a job . I am sure time will fly by . It has always been that way. Right now all I want is to thank everyone in my life for being here .

I had a big list of things ,I wanted to do, when I started college . I have done most of them . I am grateful for all of it. If you ever been in my life in anyway I want to thank you, with all my heart. I know I am not so great with showing I care and how I feel . But those who know me well . know I am way to obsessive and overly concerned when I let you in my life . I am sorry if I held you too strong/ close or Never really replied after an awesome conversation or meetings .

[caption id="attachment_318" align="alignnone" width="640"]humansofhimachal Anamika enjoying her summer vacations[/caption]

I am just a wild free soul . But I never meant to hurt anyone. as this vacation ends . I have learnt tons of things and I promise to be a better lady . I promise to hold on to whatever makes me, me . hope we cross paths again and again. Make each other happy and light up this doomed world . Remember no matter what . My heart just knows love. So does yours .


Hopefully my last day in Chandigarh will be as fun as my whole week ♥️

Written By -  Anamika Sharma (@_anamika_sharma_4)

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