Nurses week - tribute to nurses

May 06, 2020
Nurses week history:-

Nurses week is celebrated annually from May 6, also known as national nurses day
Through May 12, the birthday of "FLORENCE NIGHTINGLE"- the founder of modern nursing.

The angles of the night shifts,
The messengers of the day,
They always give us a lift
Each individual does it, in their own way
Nurses are an asset to the team.
As if they were the thread to our seam.

Can you imagine telling someone that they lost their dad?
We can't imagine the act,
Knowing that a nurse is an angle, in fact

Nurses are more than a full time worker
They are superheroes with caps disguised as scrub
They are mother, daughter, father, son, friend & children
All Sharing one common goal
To give us hospitality as patients
To share the words needed to ease our worries

They always know what to do
They always know how to take care of you
They always have a perfect touch
They always care about us very much

Nurses deserve more recognition and fame
We need to pay more homage to their name
Not all of them are the same, but the truth is what most proclaim

Without them we would be lost
It would be a huge cost
These are our nurse and they stand tall
We want them to know that we love them all

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