The wind told me so

March 04, 2020

When I think of you, my mind silences.
Your laughter free's me of all desires.
You've turned the rusted wheel of times,
Into a free flowing rhyme.
Where I can finally just be.
I began this journey in search of myself,
Never felt like i hit home.

After endless longing on a never ending road,
Our paths crossed.
And I knew, I had found myself in you.
I arrived here with a shattered heart.
You made it whole again.
I'd never dreamt of the peace,
I found waking up next to you.

I'm leaving to see what your absence does to me,
Or if I ever felt at all.
A few steps out and I'm sure you're my final destination.
You are a timeless table engraved on my eternal soul.
You live in me, like the sky lives in the sea,
Like obvious telepathy.
Our romance isn't haunted by distances.
We are connected even in the dark.

My spirit will wander the earth,
Keeping our love alive.
Even if death does us apart.
We are one.
We are forever.
Nothing in this universe can alter this prophecy.

We will meet again.
In this life or the next.
How do I know?...
Well....! The wind told me so.

Author:  Aayushi Sharma


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