Superwomen week

March 08, 2020

Let's show the world that we can bleed and succeed.
Let's show the world that we can menstruate and achieve.
We'll break and reconstruct every misconception they had.
We'll show them that bleeding can be positive.
Cause we are all a bleeding goddesses.

You see, since a young age, I was taught
Menstruation was supposed to be kept in the hidden or whispered.
So, I am constantly paranoid carrying whisper, stayfree and more.
But you see, I was born into a house of privilege,
Where my parents taught me that periods don't limit me,
The only thing that could limit me would be my mentality,
So on the days, I stay in bed cause I am bleeding outa my legs,
My brother tells me to go be productive,
He tells me, ' there a world out there I'm yet to conquer'.

That day when I stained my uniform,
That very same boys handed me their hoodies to wear.
They told me it was my superwomen week.
Cause if my body's made of stardust and my skin matches land,
And my body's geology can make continents tremble and mountains move.

You aren't allowed to tell me that I should be shy,
Cause I paint a town red, for a week every month of my life.
Cause if I've been given the chance to believe that,
We could live in a world where talk about this openly,
We could live in a world where we are taught to bleed with pride.
In a world, where we celebrate the only blood that bleeds without violence.
In a world, where pads aren't wrapped and monologue aren't silenced.
In a world, where you and I can just be, as we are,
Irrespective of our genitals and irrespective of our bodies,

A blessing women can only born you and I.
A bleeding women can only compelled to comply.

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