March 31, 2020
                                               One sign board put this beautifully
                                         Only when the last tree has with withered
                                          The last fish caught
                                           The last river poisoned
                                           Will we finally realise we can not eat money 

It's true, when it comes to travelling, we Indians have had a fancy of quantification always measuring " wahan kya hai?"  " What's there to see?" 


Kasauli, is a quaint little hill station, very peaceful located in solan district of Himachal Pradesh. The best way to reach there is via Kalka. Indeed pine, oak, chir pine are the residents of Kasauli. Travelling on narrow, curvey roads with deep gorges on one side, one can get a beautiful view of this place. The town is situated in the thick forest cover. Kasauli also houses an army cantonment which covers the most of upper town, painted in olive green, the houses and other buildings are in the shape of a hut had an architectural resemblance with other small hill stations.

Sunset point from is also an eye catcher. From this place one can see cities situated in plains like Chandigarh, Jalandhar etc. Infact there is a concrete structure where one can see the directions of all these cities.

Air force station which encircles the  manki point. Although there is a temptation to call it monkey point but all sign boards are mentioned with manki point. It is one of the incient temple situated on hilltop. Legends says that while taking Sanjeevani Buti from the Himalayas to Lanka for unconscious Lakshman, this hill top was hit by Hanuman's toe. This gave the hilltop it's present shape. The lawn of the temple have a helipad. From this you can have a breathtaking view.

The walk to the Lower mall is also an amazing experience to grab. There is an historical Churches and tibitean market. The people are really welcoming and loving. One must not miss an opportunity to visit Kasauli for an amazing experience.

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