Unconditional Love : Love Story from Mountains

I didn’t fall in love with you 
when i first saw you. 
Didn’t feel any change in heartbeat. 
Having those feelings for a random girl 
that i just happened to see 
often never crossed my mind. 
But then I began to notice you, 
in the ways you spoke, 
how you chose your words carefully and politely. 
I began to notice 
how you always held the door for the people 
and how you respected them. 
I noticed how you smiled at others, 
and how you got others to smile at you. 
I noticed all of those little details and moments, 
and combined they showed me 
how beautiful of a person you truly were - 
maybe they were what made me 
fall in love with you completely.

Written by: Ordinary Traveller (@ordinarytraveller_)
©2019 Humans of Himachal

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