Rakchham - The hidden paradise

Good people make good places! And I truly feel that Himachal is such an apt representation of this belief of mine. As beautiful as the region is, the kind hearted, extremely generous and more importantly; content - the people there are. And this portrait here is one lovely example of the same!

We bumped into her during our recent trip to Spiti Valley, at this beautiful little village - Rakcham..This place is in every sense Nature's Paradise on Earth!

While we were busy staring in awe at the pretty Ugla flower fields, she was passing by us carrying few logs of wood back home. We tried striking a conversation with her as to where she's headed, what does she intend to do back home with the wood she's gathered, how old and likewise...

What amazed us was, even in her late 70s she seemed so enthusiastic and so happy in all the chats we had..Not only did she answer all our Qs, but she was equally curious to know where were we from and where next..And she was the cutest when she asked us to show her the picture we'd captured and said - 'Acha hai'! Ab kya karega iska tum? Gharpe rakhega ya phone mei lagaega?' We just kept smiling at this curiosity struck Q of hers and told her - we'll keep it in our phones only and remember you whenever we think of Spiti!

What took our hearts away was when out of courtesy we tried extending some help or food she did not accept anything..And when we offered some fruits (given she barely had any teeth), she responded saying I have trees full of them back home! And we city wanderers laughed! In return (like a caring grandmother), she just blessed us for the rest of our trip and told us not to jump around much in the mountains and travel carefully!

Traveling always gives me that deep down feeling of satisfaction, as I believe there's no better deed done than making a stranger smile because of You! :)

Humans of Himalayas - Truly Touching!

Credits: Pooja (@thehoppingfeet)
©2019 Humans of Himachal

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  1. Good to hear that u you had such a nice experience talking to this lady!!


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