Trip to Bharmour with Grandmother

December 13, 2018
Well, it was a long time wish that I somehow managed to fulfill. Bharmour, the place I always wanted to visit. Bharmour a beautiful and untouched town in Chamba district known for its scenic beauty and ancient temples. The journey for me from Chamba to Bharmour was scary, yet beautiful. My grandmother was sitting beside me in the bus. During the major part of the journey, there wasn't a single concrete barrier between the bus and the steep mountain drop.

While I was scared, my grandmother was laughing at my condition. She was so relaxed throughout the journey. After a few hours, we finally reached Bharmour and stayed in Yatri Bhawan, it was a good place at a budget price.

One of the main attractions of Bharmour is Chaurasi Temple, It is a series of 84 temples (hence the name), built around the town, many of these temples are buried under the ground due to a flood
which came a long time ago and destroyed the whole town. The one I always wanted to visit was Lakshana Devi temple built around the 7th century. It is the oldest temple in the Chaurasi. It retains many of the old architectural features of wooden temples and has a richly carved entrance.

Lakshana Devi Temple

Next day, me and my Nani, who is very good at walking in the mountains visited Bharmani Devi. Bharmani Devi is the patron Goddess of Bharmour and is located 4 km from Bharmour, on a ridge among the forest and has a fascinating view of the valley.

Bharamani Devi Temple

There are two routes to Bharmani Mata, one via road and another is a trekking trail, which is more scenic and passes through ancients wooden houses and lush deodar forest.

Trust me, the moment you get there, it will become one of your most unforgettable experiences, just like mine. If the weather is clear you can see the whole valley and if you're lucky enough you
can witness the holy Mount Kailash.

The cold air, the snow, the sound of flowing water, trees, goats and sheep, shepherds that's how I can describe the mesmerizing view.

I could see the happiness in my grandmother's face just to be there. The people there live simple lives, they are honest and God-fearing. They welcome you like their own family. I will never forget this trip, my endless love for mountains has increased even more after this trip.

That is how my journey to Bharmour ended and while going home back, with the love for mountains in heart and the only song playing in my head was the Answer is blowing in the winds .

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