In love with the unknown

December 13, 2018
Right from my childhood, I was always excited and curious about little things in life. I was always on my knees for everything, whether its playing or eating or wearing good clothes or celebrating festivals ,literally everything .I was the prankish kid back then .My mom says I was the naughtiest child and she had to always keep an eye on me as any crazy thing could be up any moment by me. I was always amused and amazed by nature. Night and morning ……flow. There was a small water body I could see across my kitchen and I could see the fishermen/women with their off to their duty of fishing. I was quite fascinated by it and since then my dream was to become a fisherwomen. I think most of us had these kind of inspirations during that phase.

And now, I said to myself one day, Slow down for who I am, not meant to chase anything or anyone. I believe in destiny Qadr. Till then, live all your fears, be happy, laugh out the tears and breathe.




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