How to change your life by changing just one habit?

Have I changed my life?
Yes, indeed.

Did I do it in a day?
Less than a day.

How does it feel?
Can’t be explained in words.

How did I do it?
By changing one habit.

What? Just one habit?
Yes my friend, just one habit.

What’s that?

In Tosh, that evening, the hills around the town were wild and loud with kids playing ‘catch the ball’, while mountain wind kept playing with all of them. Some inches away from them, there I was, absorbing the quarter past four sun that moved faster than kids.

There and then, a thought popped up in front of me, that we do the same in our life. We run fast. Just because there is so much to be achieved, so many things to be changed in our life - we run fast. We change jobs, do investment, transform body, try a loan, buy this first, no that...

However, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t reach anywhere, in fact, you don’t even start. Days pass by, and so does your age.

So, how to change life? How am I doing it? Well, just change one habit that matters the most. Just one key habit, and everything else will take its shape.

Morning routine – that’s what I changed, and believe me, it worked wonders. I wish I had one college days, life would be different.

So, without further ado, here is that magical thing:

5:30 - Alarm
5:40 - Warm water
5:55 - Almonds
6:00 - Workout
6:45 - Shake and oats with an apple
7:00 - Journal + read motivation

And when you are on your way to work, listen to podcasts that adds to your passion and dream.

Long story short, a morning routine is the only thing you have in a whole day that moves 100% on your command, unlike rest of the day which makes you juggle. So, make the best out of it.
It’s strange how we ignore simple things in life.

Author: Deepika Baweja (@shotandwrote)

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  1. Humansofhimachal is a great platform to meet like minded people. I love reading about the inspiring journies of fellow travellers.

    Thank you so much for this platform

  2. Positive vibes + motivation 😊

  3. Agreed.

    If your mornings are done right, rest good things will follow at the end.
    Nicely written. :)

  4. Yes, totally agreed. A set routine in morning give you that energy which converts all day running into a satisfactory output rather than stressing up.

  5. Indeed a beautiful note.

  6. Quite interesting to try. Thanks for sharing this.


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