Himachal Pradesh has its own peculiar Architecture, moreover dwellings and
structure depends on the topography and local climate of the region. The homes
here are special in that they have a characteristic vernacular, which cannot be
found anywhere else.

Do you know what is this traditional architecture known as ?

It makes use of locally available wood of Deodar and Kail trees and intermediate
gaps are filled with stone. Modern houses are built up using Brooch , a special
stone replacing the conventional plastering, thus eliminating the need of
maintenance regarding wall painting and putty.
Apart from that, since the snowfall is a natural phenomenon here, slanted Tin
fabrication is highly used to provide an overall conical or V / W shape which in
turns drains any accumulated rain water or melting snow.

Typical features:
A sloping pent and gable roof made of slate stone shingles. Stone shingles prevent
strong winds from dislodging the roof.
Alternate layers of wooden beams and stones are stacked to create strong long-
lasting easily constructed walls. Overhanging projecting wooden balcony with
large openings are made to allow most sunlight and warmth to penetrate the
This combination of wood and stone looks astonishingly beautiful with the green
forest and white waterfalls around the valley.
Well that was just a jest of the architecture but who does not wish to have a dream
house like this with a scenic environment like that of Himalayas.
Imagine a home all surrounded by mountains at 360 degrees and a balcony where
you can have your cup of hot tea admiring the sun rising quietly from behind the
mountains with a background music of the birds chirping along with the streams of
river makings its contribution, and cold wind kissing your cheeks and refreshing
your day and with all this giving a different purpose to your life.
Isn’t like a DREAM HOUSE. I wish to build mine one asap.

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