August 29, 2018
Hi guys! My name is Madhu and I am a travelholic with equal interest in photography and writing. I use Instagram feed as my outlet to post umpteen travel photos with large captions. I am my happiest when I am travelling. If I am not travelling, I am surely dreaming about my next travel.

Travelling has been a major part of my life since childhood. Growing up in different parts of the country had me grow up cosmopolitan and had the travel bug going in me. I make it a point to not miss out on any chance to travel. There are so many beautiful places in India yet to be discovered and I aspire to uncover these hidden gems soon. There are so many incredible places in our motherland that you will be left stunned. I urge everyone to travel and discover the beauty of our mother land.

It’s a land of remarkable diversity from heritage sites to magnificent landscapes. For me travelling is a necessity in life. I live by the rule to travel to never seen places every three months and try to tick off new places on my bucket list. Travelling for me has always been about collecting new experiences like this one time I ate cactus fruit and realised for the first time that this dry little plant is capable of producing such juicy and tasty fruits and will surely leave you asking for more. I remember trying Danish Smørrebrød (open sandwiches) for the first time in Denmark and rose wine in Paris. I also tasted homemade beer in Kerala (toddy) and Manali (lugdi) and realised how distinct and tasty they are in their own ways. Of all the travel experiences, my last trip to Himalayas stands out the most.

My last trip to Himalayas had a life-altering effect on me. I feel like I went through a phase of metamorphosis that led me to my new life. I have never seen so much beauty anywhere that feeling of tranquility is surely something. This trip was the most random trip ever and was planned on a whim. Mountains certainly have their ways of leaving a mark on you and will leave you flabbergasted. The most memorable being my time in Hampta. Where I received home like treatment from a family living there. They were so sweet and treated us like their own. I had their local food which was also really delicious. I found the people of Himachal so welcoming and sweet.

The visit to mountains gave me such immense joy which I cannot verbalize. The beauty of silence, massive views and big skis are just so mesmerizing. The mountains in plain sight are already that commanding. I love nature and have often contemplated whether I love beaches or mountains more. But to think of it, while I enjoy the endless relaxation that beaches provide, I know that I truly feel more alive in the mountains.
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