Dreaming to become a Model


I am a kind of girl...who love to do what she want....I love my life, love my family, love my dog.....I have many regrets but now I'll tried to overcome....when I was a kid I was a simple and shy type girl But i had only  one dream in my life to focus on what I want and I love dancing and modelling .  On that time, I was just a kid but I tried my best. I had so many ups and downs in my life but I never give up Still I learned it in my room daily by watching some dance and modelling videos. And When I started gave auditions for modelling then i realised that I have potential to do it and I can do it and I do......


..at last I want to ask you......live your life on your own conditions .....


If you have a courage to do it...nobody can ruin your dreams.


Written by Yashika Thakur (@yashika_thakur11)

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