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Dear gentlemen

Yes….! I did it today,
No, not sex,
But a lesson on respect, gender sensitivity and sexism,
Which is available to you for free.
To help you realise that being a man had nothing to do with crass behaviour
And, that boys manning up are all about kindness, compassion and  candour.

Your score on the field or off is not measured by,
Yeh, yeh or yeh”
But measured by the way you enthuse and inspire the youth of today.
We don’t want our son’s to come home and for us to go,“we’re proud of you beta” when they objectify women,
Instead we want to teach them,
how to transition from being young boys into gentlemen

Cricket is after all called a “gentlemen’s game”
Gentlemen who make our country proud,
And don’t bring any shame.
I don’t wanna ask you,
If you would have behaved the same way,
If these womens were your mother’s, sisters or daughters.
Because we don’t need to relate to you by our blood,
For you to respect our gender.

I am sure even your teammates,
Would also say a vote of thanks.
Because bando ko dhappad karke Dena ka,
Doesn’t make it normal, just because you like to spank.

So dear gentlemen,

Apni soch badlo, apna style badlo.
And get this lesson tattooed in permanent ink.
So before I leave, I firmly believe,
That you don’t even know my name.
My name is every women,
Who decides for herself,
And who you can’t take home just based,
On what you call your “talent”.

By:- Ayushi sharma

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