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It is referred to as the union of healthy mind in a healthy body. It not really unite us with anything for we are already United. It helps us to realise our own identity with the divine self, to make us know the intrinsic nature. The ultimate and end of all human pursuits is “Moksha”. Moksha is referred to as freedom from insecurities, clutches of desires and sense of limitation. The end goal is to attain everlasting peace, happiness and sense of fulfillment. This is possible with steady and prolonged sincere practice of yoga. It activates the process of purification of mind and gaining more about self knowledge.

The aim is to increase fitness and flexibility, get rid of health disorders, attain self knowledge and all round development. That leads to stress free mind and a fit body. Most of us think that stress and anxiety are coming from external source. We often blame external source for our internal state. We build up a criteria we think that will make us happy. For instance, some find happiness in being with there families and other may find happiness in complete isolation. By becoming attracted to the idea that life needs to be in a certain way in order to make us happy. We sow the seeds of our own potential unhappiness. From point of view of yoga- we spend our life and energy trying to get all the people around us to fit in the criteria we have set as a standard for our happiness. But in terms of yoga it teaches us not to be self limiting and get bounded by the criterias for ourselves and for others. Accepting the person as it is. This is the only way to attain peace and happiness otherwise stress and anxiety overburdens you and your inner environment.

“The job of mind is to think” the mind control the entire human presence and the way one progresses to get out of the cycle of fortune and misfortune. You must have control of your mind. But our basic problem is we do not know how to concentrate. You have to have some time to be yourself, where there is nobody else, you have to work with yourself.

Yoga is a way to teach us to concentrate the mind, to transform our thoughts, patterns and habits. Yoga is the beginning point of transformation of your own self. Taking time to breathe in relaxed manner and attain inner peace. Yoga can give us the strength and discipline to find and maintain our centre, which helps us to focus and stay focused. So in terms of health if you want to attain physical, mental, social and spiritual well being one must bring all these things into practice for a better way of living.

By – Aayushi Sharma

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