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Things left unsaid

She – oye!…. Kaha gayab hai?
He – yhi hu yaar.
She – Toh reply nahi karna hota?….
He – Hmmmmmm……
She – Acha … How was your day?…
           ( Aaj finally Bata hi dunge …I can’t wait to express my feelings now)
He – As usuall
She – Is everything okay???
In her mind ( should I tell him or not ??? … Shyad mood off hai)
He – yeah! All cool.
She  – Acha tell me what’s wrong …why are you upset?
He – Nahi ..I m fine.
She – u know.. you can share
He – I got a text from her today.
She – “HER” ….?…… Who????????
He – My ex
She – ohhhhhhh…. that’s great. So what did she said??
          ( 😔 )
He – she still feels for me 😔
She – That’s great Naa… Why are you sad about it then .. you guys got a chance to be together
( Flight of ideas in mind and heart that sinks)
He – Do you think we can be together???
She – ofcourse yes!… Why not??
He – it’s been so long after breakup and all of a sudden this thing again
She – Atleast talk to her … know about her feelings.
          ( Her own feelings were getting deprived)
He – Acha I’ll talk to her.
She – All the best …I know it will workout.
         ( With a heavy heart)
He – how can you be so positive all the time ?
She – intuitions !!!!!!
         ( Atleast he’s happy with her comeback… And afterall we are friends)

At 11:45

He – hi…
She – hey!
He – still awake…?
She – yup …
He – you know what?
She – what ?
He – she exactly feels the same for me till today
She – see I told u …my intuitions do work
He – thankyou so much sweetheart. Without you it wouldn’t have been possible
She – stay happy and together now

I wanted so much to tell you
But I always feel I fail you
So much is always left unsaid
And I hear those words ringing in my head

Sitting in the balcony at mid Foggy night
Talking about life and resolving our fights

The parallel universe exists within
Those unspoken things
Where the limitless open sky
Is tempting you to open your wings and fly

By:– Aayushi Sharma

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