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I looked at him
while crying,
I knew
there was no use of trying.
You left and moved
towards the wood,
And I stood there,
like you said I should.
Every path I take is black,
I wonder if you ever
going to come back?
Whenever these roads
try to threaten me,
I wish upon him,
but never came he.
I know you closed every door
which led you my way,
I still keep my hopes high
for another day.

0 comments on “Roads

  1. Love is like fire, warmth and burn both in a package. You have to depend on it even when its not there, its in our blood. The embodiment of love and passion, attimes is like a fire-sea, the greater its waves the more we fall for it.

  2. The emotion conveyed perfectly and coyly with nice tempo. I enjoyed but had troubles with changing POV from him to you and other such things. Sorry if that came out as critical. Keep rocking.

  3. I have read a few of your poems that speak of a nebulous “he”, an unreliable love interest. The poems are descriptive of him. How about some poems that focus on YOU without mentioning “him”?. As you search yourself, your poems will begin to say even more. You have a good writing voice that is pleasant to hear. Thank you.

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