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Mermaid’s Tale

I met this guy on the shore,
He was cool, funny
and something more.
Bright ocean blue eyes
and a strong jawline,
With a height, almost fine.

Golden hair, perfect lips,
He was roaming
around the ships.
Due to shore’s haze
My whole body shuddered
under his gaze.

He motioned towards me
and opened his arms,
For the first time,
I really felt protected,
safe and warm.

He stayed for few days
and I was all his,
Ocean was warning me,
through the fizz.

I started to believe in love
He gifted me a pair of dove.
He believed in dreams,
so I gave him a dream catcher,
Was not aware,
he was a snatcher.

During one night,
we were sitting on the rock,
This time,
Instead of me he was staring at the clock.
I knew a mermaid
was not allowed to fall
But this love
really was moon’s call.

Ripping ocean’s lap,
He left with his ship,
And I still miss him
with every flip.

0 comments on “Mermaid’s Tale

  1. OMG……this is so beautiful….I feel so nostalgic, and emotional after reading this….
    He must exist in real life I suppose… because this seemed so real!

  2. When I was a kid physically ( mentally I still am, this helps forget the pains early), I wanted a pet shark. Why? To eat the mermaid who cajoled me to the ocean promising to make me learn swim and then left me when I was in the middle of it.

    Oh! Some pains are given by the sailors, some by the mermaids. I have, with the passing of time, learned to let go. Let the time be the best judge.

    Masterfully written, beautifully imagined, painfully expressed. Kudos.

  3. I’m sure aap Indian poet ho, mera dost bhi aisa hi likhta hei Magar English poems mei har line rhyming toh nhi hota, firbhi poem toh bahot achi hei mermaid ji☺️