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Keep going

I sense lack of fulfillment
Meaning and purpose in life 
At times I feel anxious and depressed
Now what’s next??????

The reason that you are struggling with the next question is because you are always worried about what your parents think.

“So as long as I’m trapped about what my parents think, I can actually never find the answer to the real question of life”

People in your life will leave or go.
Yes, these were the beautiful people you loved
People in your opinion were good people
And you’ll loose them in a moment
” Plant a tree under who’s shade we do not plan to sit”
This is the principle of selfless sacrifice
Giving up everything you have for the service of others sounds like the best thing you could possibly do
Fast forward where you are
Look at yourself in 10-15-20 years time 
And ask yourself the question
Is that where I want to be?”
And if the answer is ‘No’ , then you need to find a new path
The path your parents, society or the university you went to or the community you had was carving out for you is not the path for you
So believe in seeking alternatives or new path
See, we live in echo chambers,
We’re just surrounded by the same thinking.
So if you want to be something in life 
Stay with people who force you to level up
For me the first step is just opening yourself up to new experiences and new role models
Because most of us can’t see ourselves in people so then we try and fit ourselves into the boxes that we do see.
“I’m not what I think I am
I’m not what you think I am
I’m what I think you think I am”
Let that blow your mind for a moment
So we live in this perception of a perception of ourselves
Hence my identity is made by what my parents think I should be
Hence my identity is made by what my college or university think I should achieve
While you’re living in a bubble, in that echo chamber
Getting to what really want to do is impossible”
Because maybe that just doesn’t fit and I think so many people feel that way today
That they don’t fit into current education system.
They don’t fit with the 3-4-5 careers that you’re taught exist.
So the process of self excavation and actualization is must.
1 step:- being exposed to new experiences and role models.
2 step:- find the role model that you’re passionate about is exactly whom you’re looking for.
3 step:- yes or no?
              Does that work for me?

These steps are observing, focusing and shadowing and getting close to the process of that individual and then go for yes or no?
” Swap ‘ why is this happening to me’? To ” what is this trying to teach me”?
It will change everything.

By:- Ayushi Sharma

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