Humans of Himachal

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What is it like to grow up in the mountains? Very often I come across this question. And just then I travel back in time.

To the times of ‘नीरु चाली घुमदै’ and ‘रोहड़ु जाना मेरी आमिऐ’, horse riding on the Ridge, and lunch at Baljee’s. That was pretty much it, wasn’t it.

But as years went down the lane, our playlists changed, our rides became more mechanical and let us not talk about our eating habits.

But there is this one thing that remained constant through all these years, the essence of this place, the breeze and the vibes. The positivity and the sense of belongingness. Still we listen to the same ever green hits by Mohan Singh Chauhan and Kuldeep Sharma, still Baljee’s stands tall and the horses still walk with their head up high.

We want to move out of this town but never leave it. We have seen so many bad days here but we’ve felt low more often missing this place.

A rich culture, mixed with such a sweet mother tongue that sadly we don’t respect enough and don’t even talk of the beauty of this place. More placed remain hidden high in the mountains that those that have already been conquered.                                                        This is exactly what I feel growing up in.

By:- Aayushi Sharma


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