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Dear Distraction

So it was 24/13/19 (7:29 P.M)

Whose this?🙄
Okay nice to meet you.
You are cute😊
Blushes 🙂
Haan yaar.
We can be good friends.🤝
Tu pagal hai kya?
Kitna kamina hai tu.
2 bj rhe hai, Mai so rhi hu, uthna hota hai mujhe.
Hmmmm…I Miss you too.☹️
Mera number lekar kya krega?
Mai whatsapp use nhi Karti.
Haan, this Sunday I am free.
Uffffffff!!!! Yeh shifts.😌
Chal Bata dunge tujhe.
Hahahahahahah 😂 kamina jaisa.
Mazak mat kr yaar.
Sorry, but we are good friends naa.
Tu mujhe ignore kr Raha hai kafi dinno se?
I don’t miss you..huhh.
Padhna nahi ab?????
Kaise padhu jab distraction hi itne solid hai.
Hawwww!!!!! Kon mai distraction????
Obviously you.☺️
After all crush is crush😊
Well, yeah I also feel for you somewhere.
Mai ku le jaau tujhe date par?😋
Kuki tu distraction hai meri.
Ab jaisa bhe hu tera hi hu.
Both blushed ❣️

You all might have experienced the journey from attraction to infatuation to love
Between all this we fall for that person knowingly or unknowingly.
Not every relation needs to be titled.
Some just needs:-

— call kar naa!!!
— kaha par ho?
— movie dekhne chale?
— I hate you
— Missing you dammit!!
— who is she?
— kab mil rhe ho?
— Shimla chale?
— busy! Busy! Busy!
— Kamini kahi ki
— tu pagal hai?
— jaise apki marji
— you are mine.
— okay am sorry
— I care for you
— reach safe and call

Some bonds are unique, they don’t need any lables.
So yes! If you call it a distraction.
I would love to get distracted.
Yes! That’s true I don’t say what I feel like saying.
I know I am bad at expressing.
But words are just not enough to make things understand.

That’s true
I wanna be with you.
I wanna be by your side in tough Times.
I wanna hold you and hug you.
I wanna spend my nights talking and cuddling while falling asleep.
I wanna laugh at things together.
I wanna go out with you on silly days and act like stupid fucks.
I wanna cry with you.
I wanna watch scary movies with you even romantic ones.
I wanna go on a small dates.
I wanna know everything about you.
I wanna go and see your family with you.
I wanna go on walks with you.
I wanna spend lazy days just bumming around in pjs with you.
I want you❣️

But the things left unsaid stay with us forever.
Dear xyz
By :- Aayushi Sharma

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